OECD – Local Employment and Economic Development “LEED” committee

In 2020, the OECD launched the Global Action “Promoting Social & Solidarity Economy Ecosystems” that covers more than 30 countries over a three-year period.

In order to promote inclusive, smart, resilient and sustainable growth, this project aims to:

  • Support the SSE, including the development and internationalisation of social enterprises;
  • Raise awareness and strengthen national and local ecosystems conducive to the development of the SSE;
  • Promote international dialogue.

For many years, the Department of Social and Solidarity Economy has participated in the committee as an active member.

The International Labour Organisation "ILO"

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has a long history and an in-depth expertise of organisations in the social and solidarity economy. The ILO had established a unit dedicated to cooperatives as early as 1920.

More recently, the ILO has embarked on activities dedicated to the promotion of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship.

The Social and Solidarity Economy Department has been working closely with the ILO for several years on joint projects. As a result of this collaboration, an encyclopedia on the social and solidarity economy will soon be online.

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