In the Greater Region

The Social and Solidarity Economy Cluster in the Greater Region

The Cluster ESS Grande Région was launched in June 2018 at the initiative of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy (LU) and the Department of Meurthe-et-Moselle (FR). Its mission is to be a catalyst for joint projects between social and solidarity economy enterprises and actors committed to providing responses tailored to cross-border issues and challenges.

The aim of the Cluster ESS Grande Région is to enable social enterprises in the Greater Region to scale up and maximise their social and societal impact in the region by cooperating, exchanging goods and services, pooling their resources or creating innovative partnerships.

A 1st edition of its annual business convention was organised in Mont-Saint-Martin. It was a huge success with over a hundred participants, and many new contacts and partnerships were formed thanks to this event.

Today, the Cluster ESS Grande Région has grown and now includes institutions from Saarland among its partners.

Who benefits from this?

  • Social enterprises in the Greater Region
  • Federations of social enterprises in the Greater Region (ULESS, Mouves, CRESS)
  • Territorial and other public authorities
  • Schools and universities

Why apply for membership?

The Cluster ESS Grande Région:

  • manages a pool of contacts for members wishing to establish partnerships in the Greater Region;
  • offers assistance (technical, legal) to members wanting to extend their impact to the Greater Region;
  • encourages the development of cross-border collaborative projects;
  • promotes the creation of business connections and the scaling up of social enterprises in all sectors;
  • helps to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and increases its accessibility in schools and universities.


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